26th May 2016

Unfortunately Michelle has been unwell for around a week and is having to take some time off to beat this bug. Please bear with us as some orders will be delayed due to this.


For a while now I have been having issues with the website changing addresses on the orders, it only happens occasionally and usually changes as an example order 111 to the same customer as order 112 so one customer gets both orders and one customer gets nothing.
It has been happening again but this time has something to do with PayPal checkout so for now any order placed will be sent to the postal address that shows in PayPal so please ensure your address is correct. If you want to buy a gift and have it sent to another address please put your order through as if it were for you and then email me at with the name and address you want it sent to.
If at any point during your checkout you are concerned that your postage payment has changed during your transfer to PayPal or the address showing is incorrect please do not proceed with the order but email me and I will invoice you directly.
Obviously these errors are beyond my control and while the loss of money replacing the orders is annoying what is more frustrating is keeping people waiting and disappointing them. I apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience this issue may cause.
April 12th 2016

The sign ups for the first 2016 Mystery Christmas themed SAL are now closed and it can no longer be purchased as a SAL. The chart will be available for general sale at some point but not for at least another 6 months.
The sign ups for the second 2016 Mystery Halloween themed SAL are now open and there is the option to purchase just the design or the design and a fabric and thread pack to complete it with at a great discount on normal prices. The Halloween SAL will be available until early June and then will not be back for general sale until next year so if you are tempted keep an eye out on the facebook group for sneak peeks and if you like them get it before it is gone!

April 7th 2016

PLEASE ensure you use the correct postage option when placing an order. Free postage options are there so that you do not have to pay postage on the PDF charts or additions to existing orders or clubs but are increasingly being used for other purchases. When this happens valuable work time is being used contacting the customer and then invoicing for postage and checking for the postage has been paid before the order can proceed. This delays not only the order in question but other orders due to a loss of work time for dyeing and packing. We are afraid that if this continues we will have to review and perhaps even remove the free postage options in the future.

April 3rd 2016

A new Layaway payment option has been added to the website
The Birthday Club has been opened please see the section above (Layaways, Monthly Club and The Birthday Club for details)
The Monthly Clubs have been re-opened.

March 21st 2016

Unfortunately due to a family tragedy there is a delay on orders. Please bear with us at this time and if you wish to discuss your order please contact Michelle at Thank you

February 25th 2016

We no longer stock the silvered type of opalescent fabric and the options to purchase those have been removed. We have managed to source a true opal 18ct aida but there is no replacement for the 25ct Lugana. We apologise for any disappointment that this may have caused but we decided we wanted to stock only true opals from now.

February 2nd 2016

We are happy to announce that the 2016 Jodyri Designs SAL is now available to buy. The chart is Christmas themed and uses Jodyri Designs threads but you can substitue them for ones you already have. The SAL will start on March 1st and anyone who signs up in February will receive a discount code for the website.

Welcome to JODYRI DESIGNS home of Hand dyed cotton and silk threads, hand dyed fabric, cross stitch charts and bespoke photo charting all designed and produced by  Michelle Easters. We are also happy to welcome Rachel Bitton, Vik Kocsis-Kenens, and Chelle Hindes to our design team and thank Rachel Bitton and Tina Kocsis for their fabulous artwork which they have allowed us to use in some of the charts.

Jodyri Designs is a small web based business in the UK run by Michelle Easters. Michelle designs cross stitch charts and produces a range of hand dyed cotton and silk threads and fabric, she also offers a custom charting service making a design specifically to your requirements. 

Michelle has been designing cross stitch charts for many years and is a stitcher herself enjoying Hardanger, Counted Thread work, Quilting and Crocheting as well as cross stitch. As a stitcher Michelle understands the importance of having a chart that is easy to follow with well thought out symbols that you can distinguish between.

Charts are available via email as a PDF or posted, threads and fabrics are all hand dyed individually there is no mass production and so orders can take up to 10 working days before despatch. Custom charting can be anything from converting a photograph to designing something unique specifically for your requirements, the Koi Carp Card is an example of a custom chart that has since been released for general purchase. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments please contact Michelle at
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