Apologies but due to a coding error that we are unable to fix ourselves we have had to switch off free delivery options for the time being. If you wish to order something that falls into a free delivery category please email us at

Our deepest apologies for this but unfortunately we have to wait for the website hosts to remedy it.

Please note that due to increased post in the UK postal system during December please note the final ordering dates to gaurantee your order will be sent by the last posting date Royal Mail has issued for each country.

Last Order date - 18th November for;
Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Caribbean, Central and Southern America, Africa, Asia, Middle and Far East.

Last Order date - 25th November for;
USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, any European country not yet mentioned, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Last Order sate - 5th December for;
UK apart from those mentioned already.

2016 End of Year Discount

We are happy to announce that we have applied a 15% discount for the next few weeks to thank all of our customers for their custom. The discount will require you to enter the code END2016 at checkout and includes everything apart from the Advent SAL and already discounted items such as Clubs, Kits and Thread Packs.


Please note that Michelle does not have much spare time and works very long hours. We have been increasingly receiving automatic email replies stating that for purposes of preventing spam our email is not being sent until we have filled in a questionnaire. We am truly sorry but we simply do not have time to fill in these questionnaires and if you wish to receive updates regarding your order/s and more importantly your PDF charts please ensure you add our two emails to your allowed list.

Order... details - eg order processing, dispatched - come from
PDF charts or queries that we need answered to process an order come from


We have started selling large cuts of plain undyed fabric for when you have a project that does not suit hand dyed fabric. All fabrics are available in 18" x 26" and 26" x 36" sizes and most are available in the full yard 36" x 55" size, Some fabrics are supplied from Zweigert at a smaller width and it is not possible to cut a 55" piece and so if you wish to buy a larger size than 26" x 36" in these please contact Michelle at to discuss this.

This club enables you to build your selection of charts most of which have been designed with hand dyed fabric and threads in mind. There are two price levels £3.50 for PDF charts and £4.25 for printed charts. Please note that the extra costs for printed charts are for the printing and packaging of your chart and does not include the postage costs.
Every month you may choose a chart with a value up to £4 (this is the initial displayed price of the PDF chart not including printing costs) which you will receive once the invoice is paid. You will also receive a 20% discount code you may use for one further chart every month. Every three months you will be able to claim a free chart of your choice up to a value of £5.00.


Please ensure when you place an order that you use the correct postal option and pay the relevant postage and also that your address in Paypal is correct as our system automatically updates the posting address to the one in paypal. If you are purchasing something to be sent to an address other than the one in Paypal please email with the postal address for the order including the order number for reference.

Due to several factors Michelle has made the decision to stop selling silk threads. This will be effective from September 1st so if you wish to purchase any Silk thread please purchase before September if it is the wrong time for a stash purchase you can still order the silks using the layaway option.

April 3rd 2016

A new Layaway payment option has been added to the website
The Birthday Club has been opened please see the section above (Layaways, Monthly Club and The Birthday Club for details)
The Monthly Clubs have been re-opened.

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