Michelle will be taking summer leave from the 8th to the 19th of August. This means that from 5pm (UK time) on the 5th of August until 9am on the 22nd of August no orders will be processed or emails replied to so that Michelle can have a complete break with her family. Any order containing hand dyed products placed after the 21st of July we cannot guarantee will reach you before Michelle takes her holiday and any August club paid for after the 3rd of August will not be posted until after Michelle's Holiday.


For a while now I have been having issues with the website changing addresses on the orders, it only happens occasionally and usually changes as an example order 111 to the same customer as order 112 so one customer gets both orders and one customer gets nothing.
It has been happening again but this time has something to do with PayPal checkout so for now any order placed will be sent to the postal address that shows in PayPal so please ensure your address is correct. If you want to buy a gift and have it sent to another address please put your order through as if it were for you and then email me at with the name and address you want it sent to.
If at any point during your checkout you are concerned that your postage payment has changed during your transfer to PayPal or the address showing is incorrect please do not proceed with the order but email me and I will invoice you directly.
Obviously these errors are beyond my control and while the loss of money replacing the orders is annoying what is more frustrating is keeping people waiting and disappointing them. I apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience this issue may cause.

April 7th 2016

PLEASE ensure you use the correct postage option when placing an order. Free postage options are there so that you do not have to pay postage on the PDF charts or additions to existing orders or clubs but are increasingly being used for other purchases. When this happens valuable work time is being used contacting the customer and then invoicing for postage and checking for the postage has been paid before the order can proceed. This delays not only the order in question but other orders due to a loss of work time for dyeing and packing. We are afraid that if this continues we will have to review and perhaps even remove the free postage options in the future.

April 3rd 2016

A new Layaway payment option has been added to the website
The Birthday Club has been opened please see the section above (Layaways, Monthly Club and The Birthday Club for details)
The Monthly Clubs have been re-opened.

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